Victoria Table Tennis Club’s  2017 Annual Victoria Table Tennis Championship results

The tournament took place on May 6, 2017. First 3 places are listed below.  If you want to see Round Robin and Knock-Out results click the respective tournament name link below.  In results of Round Robin and KO rounds winner got score 3:0 irrespective of the actual result.

Singles Open Tournament

Gold Medal: Joel Utiger

Silver Medal: Bogdan Sokol

Bronze Medal:

Doubles Open Tournament

Gold Medal: Bogdan Sokol / Ming Fang

Silver Medal: Luba Sadovska / Sasan Shariati

Bronze Medal:  Paul Zhang / Gary Sun

Youth Tournament (Age 16-19 and U15)

Category Age 16-19

Gold Medal: Joel Utiger

Silver Medal: Beam Tangamonsiri

Bronze Medal: Vicky Wu

Category Under 15

Gold Medal: Glen Zhu

Silver Medal: Alborz Ghanadiof

Bronze Medal: Andy Wang

Seniors Tournament (60+)

Gold Medal: Dave Smilie

Silver Medal: Tim Chong

Bronze Medal: Peter Harrison

Women Singles Tournament

Gold Medal: Luba Sadovska

Silver Medal: Fen Wan

Bronze Medal: Vicky Wu

Victoria Table Tennis Club would like to congratulate all medal winners and thank all players for their great efforts and support.